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A photo of Todd Hendricks

Todd Hendricks


In 2007, along with two partners, Todd embarked on a Dairy Queen journey by acquiring five locations in Utah. Over the span of 16 years, this venture has blossomed into a remarkable enterprise, comprising 17 Dairy Queen establishments spread across the states of Hawaii, Idaho, and Utah, along with one Wetzel's Pretzels in Colorado. Among these locations, six are delightful treat centers nestled within bustling malls. Todd has earned a reputation among DQ franchisees as the go-to person to entrust their stores when they're ready to move on.

Not content with just that, Todd has also forged a strategic alliance with Maverik, venturing into three Maverik gas station locations, with plans to expand as Maverik opens new doors. With ice cream running in his veins, Todd's focus remains on acquiring additional Dairy Queen Grill and Chills, further solidifying his presence in the world of frozen delights.

Beyond the business realm, Todd is a devoted family man, blessed with a loving spouse and three grown children. His dedication, both to his family and to Dairy Queen's continued success, is truly a testament to his unwavering commitment and passion for this sweet endeavor.

A photo of Roy Lunardelli

Roy Lunardelli

VP of Operations

With over 25 years in the restaurant industry and more than 16 years in upper management, Roy Lunardelli's career is a testament to his expertise. He began his journey in 1999 at Garden Fresh Rest Corp. in San Diego, quickly advancing from crew member to management. Roy's leadership roles included opening stores for Panda Express in Yuma, Phoenix, and Tucson, Arizona, as well as opening seven Cafe Rio locations in southwestern California. His diverse experience also extends to asset protection at Sweet Tomatoes in Florida. Since 2014, Roy has been a vital asset to Todd's organization, leveraging his training, experience, and a degree in International Business and Administration from SDSU to adeptly oversee Operations.

A photo of Milton Blazquez

Milton Blazquez

Operations Director

Milton Blazquez is a seasoned restaurant industry professional with a career spanning since 1999. His extensive experience includes roles at Trispur Investments, a franchisee of Sbarro pizza Eatery, Dairy Queen, and Orange Julius. Since 2007, as part of the Teton Group, he has excelled in various positions, progressing from General Manager to Area Manager, and now holds the position of Director of Operations. Milton is known for his passion for teamwork, leadership, and exceptional customer service. Additionally, his proficiency in maintenance and repairs has contributed to cost savings for the company.

A photo of Laura Burton

Laura Burton

BS Accounting, Managing Director

Laura Burton, an adept accountant, has been a vital part of our team for over a decade since 2013. Armed with a Bachelor's degree in Accounting from BYU-Idaho and extensive prior experience, she expertly manages HR Payroll and collaborates with third-party providers. Laura's skillful management keeps operations smooth, and her profound institutional knowledge and dedication enhance team efficiency. Her loyalty and hard work have significantly contributed to the success of our Dairy Queen stores. She has been married for 38 years and from that union has four children and 13 grandchildren.

A photo of Ryan Jeppson

Ryan Jeppson

MBA, Controller

Ryan Jeppson is a seasoned professional with diverse expertise spanning solar, electrical, family office, resort, spa, storage, hotels, and real estate industries. With a foundation at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and Ernst & Young (EY), his journey evolved from expatriate tax specialization to skillfully managing multimillion-dollar companies. Proficient in AP, AR, payroll, financial reporting, and tax coordination, Ryan's commitment to efficiency and revenue optimization is underscored. His passion for revenue management and strategic analysis, combined with CPA credentials and an MBA, positions him as a valuable asset for driving business growth and excellence.

A photo of Marinda Sarmiento

Marinda Sarmiento

Staff Accountant

Marinda Sarmiento, an accomplished graduate of BYU-Idaho with a degree in Accounting in 2017, has honed her skills through nearly 5 years as an auditor for the State of Utah. Her exceptional attention to detail and unwavering focus significantly contribute to her adeptness at task completion. Outside of work, Marinda finds joy in the company of her husband and indulges in hobbies such as movie-watching, skiing, Disneyland adventures, and creative nail art.

A photo of Jessica Burke

Jessica Burke

Staff Accountant

Jessica Burke has been a key member of C&H since February 2022, initially joining as an intern. Her background includes roles at BYU-Idaho, Melaleuca, and Artco, culminating in a BYU-Idaho Accounting degree. Currently, she adeptly manages rental property finances and employee onboarding/termination at DQ, fostering daily communication with DQ managers.
Beyond her professional endeavors, Jessica embraces her roles as a wife and mother to a one-year-old. Among her passions are reading, drawing, and embroidery, which reflect her diverse interests and well-rounded personality.